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Respiratory Therapist Jobs

Respiratory therapists are found everywhere in the health care delivery system, in all sorts of situations and treatment venues.

Respiratory therapy jobs can be found in emergency rooms, acute care clinics, outpatient pulmonology practices, skilled nursing facilities, and in hospice programs.

Wherever patients may find their lung health compromised, there are respiratory therapy careers to be fulfilled to promote lung health and easier breathing.

As professionals who are expert in the study and promotion of air exchange at the cellular level, certified therapists find respiratory therapy jobs are in demand.

Respiratory therapy careers can be found treating acute lung injury and in exercise therapies that correct for weaknesses in patients‘ diaphragms and ancillary breathing muscles.

By measuring lung capacity and gas exchange, respiratory therapists treat emergencies on a regular basis, as required, while they also promote long term lung health by encouraging proper breathing techniques for patients who suffer from Chronic Obstructive Pulmonary Disease (COPD), emphysema, chronic interstitial lung disease, and chronic pneumonia.

Aspiration pneumonia provides particular challenges to this respected corps of therapists.There are few things more frightening than not being able to get enough air.

Respiratory therapists help patients get as close to their normal function as closely as possible, providing a valuable and often life-saving service.

For chronic patients, this is a life-enhancing service, allowing them to function closely as they did before by practicing proper breathing techniques with the results measured on a regular basis.

This is a valuable discipline that needs more professional practitioners.

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